Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a Gaming Warehouse Partner! We offer five different sponsorship tiers, you can apply for the different tiers based on your website/ social media following. The main thing we want from our sponsors is interest, we want to sponsor people who genuinally like and use our prducts to improve their gaming performance. We want these people to help build our community which is why we offer sponsorships to people with smaller audiences. Here are the five different sponsorship tiers: 

Tier Audience Size Rewards
5 50,000+ Earn Commision On Every Sale That Uses Your Code, Free Items, 5% Discount Code
4 25,000+ Free Items, 5% Discount Code
4 10,000 Selected Items For Free, 5% Discount Code
2 5,000 10% Off All Products, Free World Wide Shipping
1 500 10% Off Selected Products